Project of Urban Regeneration of Housing Settlement in Dositejeva street in Kraljevo (Project) is designed to provide construction of new dwellings to resettle users and homeowners whose dwellings were damaged by the earthquake that hit Kraljevo in November 2010.

The Project focus is on an urban housing estate located 1.5km from the Kraljevo city centre in Dositejeva Street which is connecting Kraljevo and the transit road towards Kragujevac, built as a workers settlement between 1947 and 1955. It consists of 16 condominium buildings and 5 single-storey houses.

The buildings were built before any anti-seismic regulations existed in Serbia and, as such, were seriously damaged by the earthquake. The reports made by the Damage Assessment Committee identified needed sanation of the buildings. The living conditions in most of them do not meet even the basic needs. It was estimated that, given the age of buildings and their structural and functional characteristics, sanation procedures would be complex and uneconomic.

In order to overcome this problem the City of Kraljevo has prepared the Action Plan, consistent with the current Strategy of Development for 2015-2020 period, serving as a basis to initiate the Project.

The Project envisages the demolishment of existing and the construction of new housing buildings with 360 apartments and approximately 17, 000m² net usage area on the part of location, landscape works and reconstructon and construction of urban infrastructure. New apartments will be designed based on a previously conducted  competition for urban and architectural design.