In order to ensure a broad social consensus, public support, social sustainability and adequate respond to residents’ housing and living needs, the City Authority and PMU will strongly support active participation of final beneficiaries in the Project.

Comments, suggestions and opinions of final beneficiaries are important for the implementation of project activities, thus most of activities are based on consultation with beneficiaries – directly or via their representative bodies.

Representative bodies (Executive and Coordinating Committee) will play an important role in collecting documentation on property and legal status, spreading information, organization of meetings between City representatives and PMU and final beneficiaries, providing assistance in official measuring of apartment area, preparation of urban and architectural competition for new buildings, and other activities within the Project.

The City of Kraljevo launched an INFO DESK providing all information about implementation or current status of the Project and get all relevant information. Members of the Coordinating Committee will take active role in operations of Info Desk.