The Project will provide direct benefits for the beneficiary residents and the City of Kraljevo.

Final beneficiaries will become owners or tenants of the new apartments, designed and built in accordance with all the contemporary space-use, accessibility, safety and energy-efficiency standards, and completely serviced with required infrastructure. Thus, the quality of life will be significantly improved.

A comprehensive regeneration of the site will increase the value of the equipped urban construction land, while the development of planning documents will enable increase of the density at the location which will allow for a more efficient use of land and infrastructure, lower energy consumption and network losses.

The Project will act as a role model for future urban regenerations and densifications in other parts of Kraljevo, in line with the general strategy to increase urban densities as a means towards the creation of a more socially, economically and environmentally sustainable city.

Previous Environmental Impact Assessment of the Project has shown that are to expect significant environmental impacts during demolition, construction and landscape works but also that negative impacts are of limited duration and locally spread, as well as to stop with the completion of the works. Negative impacts will be reduced by a series of organisational and technical measures taken during the works, set by national regulations on the organization of construction site.

On the other side, the construction of infrastructure will have a positive long-term impact on ecological situation. Buildings constructed under the Project will meet the criteria for the energy efficiency certification of minimum “C” category.


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Having in mind the complex nature of the Project, the construction of new buildings between existing ones and expected significant environmental impacts, the methodology and dynamics of construction and demolition are most closely related to the results of urban-architectural design competition.