The Project is financed by the Republic of Serbia with 8 million Euros loan from the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) and the City of Kraljevo with estimated 5.6 million Euros, primarily through land, new infrastructure construction and landscape works.

Participants in the Project are Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure and Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia, Republic Housing Agency (RHA), the City of Kraljevo and Western Balkans Investment Freamwork (WBIF).



The City of Kraljevo is implementing the Project through Project Management Unit (PMU) established of the existing capacities of the City Administration of the City of Kraljevo and public enterprises founded by the city – PE “Municipal Housing Agency” Kraljevo and Directorate for Planning and Construction “Kraljevo”, with technical assistance by the Western Balkans Investment Freamwork.

The PMU is responsible for the Project management and implementation, monitoring, reporting, financial and contract management.

The PMU will be supported by different department and services of the local government, especially in relation to the arrangements with the final beneficiaries and to the statutory documents and permits. In case of need, PMU will be supported by externally hired short term experts.

The PMU provides continuous communication with final beneficiaries – homeowners and tenants, information exchange and consultation through INFO DESK or via e-mail and project website.

The Republic Housing Agency (RHA) is responsible for monitoring over the Project implementation and use of funds.