The role of the representative bodies is to establish trust between final beneficiaries and representatives of the City and PMU and to ensure fine two-way information. Beneficiaries’ representatives will contribute to full compliance with the Project, help resolving open issues (like ownership) and, as expected, take a key responsibility in mobilization of the residents.

The official representative body of final beneficiaries is the Executive Committee consisting of elected presidents of the Buildings’ Assemblies. The Executive Committee is the main body for communication between the PMU and homeowners. The Executive Committee will participate in meetings – roundtable discussions where detailed information on the Project and ongoing activities will be presented and discuss issues and proposals for their resolution.

The Coordinating Committee consists of five members elected within the Executive Board, and will directly collaborate with the PIU. The Coordinating Committee and the PMU will have regular meetings in which will discuss and analyse the progress of the Project. For its members PMU will organize communication training. The Coordinating Committee will participate in Info Desk operations, collection of data on the property status of homeowners and measuring on the field, as well as in defining parameters for urban and architectural competition for new buildings.