We invite all primary school students who live in Pic Mala settlement to participate in the ideas competition under the title “A Room that I Wish”.
Let your imagination go creative run riot and picture how you want your new room to look like. Present your ideas on a standard school paper and use various techniques: pencil, pens, tempers, crayons, aquarelles or mix as you like.
You may compete with two drawings.

Propositions of the competition:

The right to participate in the ideas competition have 1st to 8th grade students
from primary school who live in the apartments that will be replaced with newly built
under the Project of Urban Regeneration of Housing Settlement in Dositejeva street in Kraljevo.

Drawings shall be marked on the backside with name and class you go to school,
address and parent’s phone number.

Submit your ideas to the Project Management Unit office
at 74/4 Cara Lazara St. on Wednesday or Thursday, 14 or 25 January
from 11 am to 2 pm

Results of the competition and further notices will be published
on the website until 30 January, 2018..

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